Can your club creatively promote and generate HYGAIN sales in your local region? If so we invite you to fill out the below Sponsorship Application Form for assessment.

Please note, the Sponsorship Application Form must be complete and is the only form of application for sponsorship we accept. Any event you wish us to sponsor must be held NO LESS than 2 months from today’s date. All applications sent through with a shorter time frame will be automatically disregarded.


Please ensure you meet the criteria before submitting your application. Any applications that don’t meet the criteria will be disregarded and not considered.

  • Due to our existing commitments we are NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS or commercial entities.
  • Consistency and relevance of the sponsorship to the core business (equestrian industry) and brand values of HYGAIN
  • Leveraging opportunity of sponsorship through a range of benefits including but not limited to naming rights, permanent signage, advertising, co-branding of HYGAIN logo on club merchandise or uniforms and unique opportunities that will generate new business.
  • Credibility of the organisation seeking sponsorship
  • Conflict with other industry related sponsors. HYGAIN will not sponsor events where another feed manufacturer has the naming rights.
  • Expected benefits to HYGAIN and/or return on investment that will be received
  • An explanation of how the funds, merchandise or product will be used by the club
  • Sponsorship funds or items are not to be used for general operating expenses or overhead debt reduction or operational deficiencies
  • Only one sponsorship will be granted per organisation/club per year


If Sponsorship is granted you must:

  1. Provide written verification to HYGAIN that the funds, product or merchandise were spent for the purpose stated in the sponsorship application.
  2. Publicly acknowledge HYGAIN’s support.
  3. Be willing to participate in press, stories, advertising material that HYGAIN produces.
  4. Provide space for a trade stand at your event
  5. Display sponsorship product/merchandise supplied in a visible location during the event
  6. Invite HYGAIN to participate in presentations and photo opportunities on the day of the event sponsored.
  7. Allow HYGAIN to conduct a nutrition talk on a day/evening to the members at an alternative date to the sponsored event.
  8. Encourage club members to support the HYGAIN brand.


HYGAIN will be the ONLY FEED sponsor of the event.
Event must be held in NO LESS than 2 months from today! Any applications received for events less than two months away will be automatically declined.
Upload relevant photos
Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.