You would do anything to keep your horse safe, but you may not realise that your horse’s diet could be doing more harm than good. 
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Brought to you by META SAFE® - The safer choice for Laminitic and Metabolic horses.

Low starch feed concentrate for metabolic risk horses and ponies


The most advanced, scientifically formulated Low GI concentrate to support horses on restricted diets or that suffer from metabolic disorders. ​

META SAFE® is a grain free pellet containing a complete blend of nutrients at a low feeding rate. Formulated with less than less than 1.5% starch, low in sugar and the added benefit of BONAFIDE®.​

The addition of BONAFIDE® bolsters the vital vitamin K1 and K2 nutrients, to help protect bone density and strength. 

META SAFE® is ideal for horses and ponies susceptible to obesity or that suffer from EMS, laminitis and Cushing's.

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  • Low feeding rate concentrate ​
  • Low Starch, Concentrated Vitamin & Chelated Mineral Blend​
  • High Soluble Fibre – Healthy microbiome support​
  • Natural Vitamin E – Antioxidant for soft tissue support​
  • BONAFIDE® - Bone density support​
  • Prebiotics – Digestive tract support​
  • Biotin – Hoof and Coat Conditioner



Is Meta Safe® safe to feed my Cushings pony?

Yes, Meta Safe® contains very low starch levels that are ideal for horses suffering from EMS, Laminitis and Cushings. Alongside low starch/sugar roughage and feeding at the correct feeding rate of your horse/pony, Meta Safe® is a safe, fully fortified, feed option.

Will Meta Safe® cause excess weight gain on my already fat pony?

Meta Safe® is a concentrated feed meaning you can feed less and still meet all of your horse's vitamin and mineral requirements, alongside their roughage. This makes Meta Safe® perfect for the good doing horse! 

I have a poor doer, is Meta Safe® suitable for my horse?

Perhaps not. Meta Safe® is a concentrate option with a low feeding rate designed for the good doing horse. If you have a horse that is prone to laminitis or has any other metabolic conditions and is a poor doer, consider Zero® instead.

Is Meta Safe® a fully fortified feed?

Yes! Meta Safe® is a fully fortified feed (complete feed) and will meet all of your horses vitamin and mineral requirements, when fed according to the guidelines, alongside an appropriate amount of roughage.

Do I need to add a supplement alongside Meta Safe®?

We do always recommend adding salt directly into your horse's diet. This ensures the horse is meeting their sodium and chloride requirements and encourages water consumption year round! You do not need to add a vitamin and mineral supplement as long as you are feeding according to the guidelines. Meta Safe® is a fully fortified feed. Other supplements may be beneficial depending on your horse's individual circumstance. If you are interested in adding a supplement into your horse's diet you can book a phone consultation with one of our Nutrition Advisors or submit your horse's diet to our diet analysis platform, NUTRIKEY.

What is the difference between Meta Safe® and Zero®?

Meta Safe® is a concentrate feed where as Zero® is considered a 'full feed'. This means they have different feeding rates. A concentrate feed has a low feeding rate which is designed to meet vitamin and mineral requirements of a horse in a small quantity. This makes Meta Safe® perfect for a good doer.

What is the difference between Meta Safe® and Balanced®?

Meta Safe® and Balanced® are both concentrated options. Differences include: Starch content: Meta Safe® contains a very low starch content of <1.5% whereas Balanced® is a low starch content at 6%. Bonafide: Meta Safe® contains Bonafide, our Vitamin K1/K2 supplement which supports bone density and bone development -Particularly important for horses and ponies that do not have access to lush, growing pasture. Protein content: Meta Safe® contains 12.5% protein whereas Balanced® contains 25% protein. This makes Balanced® a great option for a good doing high performance horse.